Peri Peri Chilli

Peri Peri is usually a blend of chillies, much like Cayenne Pepper, and it will have an expected tangy taste profile.


Product Description

Peri peri chilli can be called as bird's eye chili), is a cultivar of Capsicum frutescens, a chili pepper that grows both wild and as a crop. It is a small member of the genus Capsicum. The cultivar developed in southeastern Africa and was spread by the Portuguese to their Indian territories of Gujarat and Goa.
There are many variations of Peri Peri. Portugal, Brazil and Africa all have their interpretations. One thing they have in common is heat, and lots of it.
Chemical specification's for Green Peri Peri Chilly in Acetic acid/Natural vinegar.
1 Acidity 3.00-3.40%
2 Salt 3.8-4.20%
3 SO2ppm 100-150ppm
4 Ca+ 800-1200ppm
4 pH 3.30
5 Scoville Heat Unit 75000